Lose Weight with Personal Trainer Central London

Well the New Year is upon us and after all the bingeing over the Christmas period and the New Year celebrations I know we are all looking at our waistline. Moreover the scales are now showing those extra pounds we have put on over the holidays. No doubt you, like me, have made your New Year Resolutions to shed those pounds or even stones for some of us but when the weather is so cold the last thing we want is to cut our body fuel and go out running.

I’ve found that going with Personal Trainer Central London has really helped me in keeping to my resolution to lose those pounds and also to give me the boost I needed to press towards my goals. The personal trainer has brought a new energy to my lifestyle giving me extra motivation to pursue my dream weight loss.

Changing my Diet with Personal Trainer Central London

One of the first things that needed to go after the holidays was the alcohol and sugary sweet things. Personal Trainer Central London gave me a cracking diet which I found really easy to follow. It was based on what is known as the Mediterranean Diet and was really made up of eating a diet of 30% protein,60% fats and 10% carbohydrates. When I first saw the diet I thought that I would be really hungry as my normal diet was more like 60% of carbs and 10% of fats but I was amazed that the low carbs meant that I didn’t get any sugar rushes and I felt fuller for longer.

I found the low carb diet really simple to follow without having to make complex meals or source unknown ingredients. I was just a case of eating real food and there was no calorie restrictions either. I just needed to reduce the grains, refined sugars and all the processed low fat foods. As there were no calorie restrictions I found I could eat plenty and did not feel hungry. I had a list of foods I could eat including meats, eggs, fish and lots of veg and even full fat greek yoghurt with nuts. On the whole I can say I never felt deprived at all and the amazing this is I can see the pounds just dropping off me.

Personal Trainer Knightsbridge recommend Protein Shakes

Eating a low carb and high protein diet has been the way to go for maximising your fitness and keeping in trim. Protein helps our bodies to grown and repair themselves and so is an essential to any diet. However often we find that getting enough protein in our diet can be a challenge. Personal Trainer Knightsbridge recognise this difficulty and recommend the use of protein shakes to get that extra protein into your diet. We all recognise that eating a high protein diet with lots of meat and fish can be quite expensive so supplementing your diet with a protein shake can be a cheaper way of hitting your protein level.

Another benefit of protein shakes is that they enable you to get the protein quickly into your diet without having to eat lots of food. If you are training regularly then you will find that your body requires higher levels of protein in order to give you the performance you require and also to help you keep going for longer and to aid your recovery.

Best protein shakes from Personal Trainer Knightsbridge

Personal Trainer Knightsbridge provide two kinds of protein shakes namely the dairy and not dairy kinds. Most men will opt for the whey protein which is really popular but if you are lactose intolerant or can’t take dairy products then there are the non dairy options available. The whey protein powders recommended are 100% whey which means the the protein is completely sourced from the whey. These shakes are better than those that are on the market and have mixed protein blends as the whey is the best quality. Their protein powders are also from cows which are grass fed rather than hay fed which means it is more organic.

The amount of protein required by the body depends on your goals. If you are looking to build up your muscle and bulk up then it is recommended that your intake is approx 1 gram of protein to every one pound of your goal weight. However if your goal is weight loss then they 100% whey protein is also good as it is low in fat and carbs. It is recommended that you take a shake for breakfast and the immediately after training. However don’t fall into the mistake of making it up with milk if you are looking to lose weight as this almost doubles the calories of the shake.

Many people ask the question when is the best time to take a protein shake? Well if you take it just after training it will help your muscles to heal and also to gain strength. However taking a protein shake about 2 hours before training is also good as it can help you to workout for longer and to train that bit harder. So try it out and see what’s best for you.