Two great options with Audi R8 Finance

I recently bought a Audi R8 and was thrilled to see that Audi R8 Finance has to fantastic deals with a very competitive Apr rates.

The first plan I looked into was what Audi Finance calls their Solutions Plan and it helps buyers to get a higher model with greater specifications for their money. It helps you to be able to afford the car by only paying for some of it when you are using it over around 24-38 months. It consists of agreeing upon an initial deposit and then paying set monthly payments again agreed by you. At the end of the monthly payments you can either keep the car by paying a settlement fee or you can trade it in for a different car or you can just give it back.

The second deal I looked at was a hire purchase deal which is brilliant if you decide you would like to own the car at the end. This plan needs an initial deposit with the remaining amount being divided into the monthly instalments for up to 60 months. After you make the final payment then you own the car.

Audi R8 Finance

Audi R8 Finance Calculator

All this sounded great to me however I needed to have some figures so that I could make my final decision for which option I would choose. Working out the cost of the hire purchase deal was easy by just adding on the interest and working out the time period and monthly payments but I needed to compare it with the solutions deal.

Then I found the Audi R8 Finance calculator on line. This was brilliant as it allowed me to choose the model I wanted then the engine size. I was then given a choice of how much deposit I wanted to pay and the mileage per year I would need to include. Finally I was asked for the length of the plan that is, how many months I wanted the deal to be over. The calculator then gave me a detailed breakdown of what I would need to pay and even emailed the breakdown to me in pdf format. I was then able to make an informed decision on what was best and the most suitable deal for my budget.